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About Us

The olive harvest has always had a special meaning for the Diluca family. It was like this for our grandparents in the 1940s, it is like this for us in the 2000s.

The olive tree in Basilicata has solid and very ancient origins, we are talking about the fourth century BC: we are in the third generation of passionate oil producers and we have never ceased to experiment and innovate.

We are Rocco, Francesco and Valentino, grandchildren of forward-thinking grandparents and children of courageous parents.

The origins of our history are deeply intertwined with the roots of our beloved olive trees. We are in 1940 and our family’s olive grove is slowly taking shape.

These were difficult years, especially in our area, in the province of Matera, in the deep and forgotten south of Italy. But these are the same years in which the history of this land was made, in which the true character of Lucania and its citizens was revealed.

Our grandparents – the fellow countrymen still tell us – were particularly devoted to the family and to their country. With the myth of sacrifice, they were of help and stimulus to the entire community.

When they decide to devote themselves to the cultivation of olive trees, they do so with a series of awarenesses:

  • return to the territory and terroir its natural inclination;
  • give life to a good and healthy product that tells the story of Lucania;
  • provide one’s family and one’s country with a balanced and genuine product, in line with the principles of the Mediterranean diet.

It is particularly suitable land for the cultivation of olive trees: we are in Garaguso, in the province of Matera, where nature still dominates the urban landscape. The subsoil is rocky, made up of sand: a rare conformation of the substrate that allows water to filter, maintaining the right amount of humidity in the soil. And the grandfather knows, as an expert pruner, how perfect this condition is for the growth of robust and resistant olive trees.

The years go by and the olive trees grow, the first real mill is born. We are in 1970 and the oil that the Dilucas produce soon becomes in great demand among the families of the town.

Our grandparents’ dream has come true: what seemed to be madness, to change the entire structure of the family’s subsistence business, has become a perfectly functioning working activity.

The foresight of our grandparents, in the 2000s, meets the initiative of our parents, who courageously decide to found a new oil mill, faithful to tradition but much larger. They are a perfect match, arm and mind that work hand in hand, tirelessly, side by side. She is a smart woman, deeply attached to her family, determined to preserve traditions and authenticity. He, a tireless worker, supports her in all her choices and builds the new property with her, even physically, which today covers a total of about 600 square meters.

As children we owe so much, first of all, to both of us; from our father we learned the art of sacrifice and the desire to get involved, we are grateful to our mother for having taught us to live life and work with passion and love.

As kids, we are therefore born oil millers and proudly keep the scents of the earth in our nostrils, the uncontaminated landscapes of Lucania in our eyes and in our hearts the temper of resolute and far-sighted grandparents and parents.

Today, the Diluca oil mill combines tradition and innovation, with the aim of creating only products of excellence. Diluca oil contains all the good of the bond with the earth and with the origins, in a certified and incredibly delicate product.


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